Atelier                                                                     Christa Katharina Margreiter

We intuitively feel the artist’s desire to maintain her independence in matters both of style and iconic (symbolic) form. Boundaries explode. Iconographic statements point to a metaphysical plane, granting the observer space for contemplation, allowing him to feel how the artist’s “I” flows into its painted forms, transforming itself into aesthetic structure.

Here we confront anew that ever present exertion and high claim that manifests itself in sujets which press for interpretation though harbouring an enigmatic rest. Thus spatial boundaries and contextual landscapes are repeatedly permeated and ultimately dissolved – to the profound sensual and intellectual delight of us all.

Dr. Hans Schlagintweit                                                                                         Lecturer in Art History



The best is yet to come!





Christa Katharina Margreiter


Spitalstraße 3

83022 Rosenheim